Arctic Garden: Sprouts Arctic Garden Sprouts,

We’re a week into June and our Arctic garden is finally starting to come to life. There may still be plenty of ice and snow in the bay, but in our greenhouse there’s nothing but sprouts, sprouts, sprouts! After a month of very slow starting seeds, our greenhouse is bursting with all sorts of seedlings. I started some of these seeds way back in April – primarily the coriander, basil, and sunflowers –  but had to wait until the end of May to get most of the others started (when the greenhouse stopped going below zero). So far I’ve started the season with my favorites:

  • HERBS: thai basil, regular basil, dill, coriander and spring onions
  • VEGETABLES: radishes, baby spinach, mixed greens, bush peas, carrots, kale, and tomatoes
  • FLOWERS: sunflowers and sweet pea

In a few weeks time, I’m hoping to start growing my baby potatoes outdoors, in addition to some hearty blue kale and beets. I had also tried to start some parsley and snap dragons earlier on, but the seeds were duds in the end.

I can’t wait to see how the greenhouse flourishes over the coming weeks since it will be our first year planting a full ‘greenhouse garden’ since we bought the house. Although our growing season in the Arctic is short, the days are extremely long (approaching 24 hr daylight soon) so our plants really get the most out of each day. Stay tuned for more greenhouse updates. Arctic Garden sprouts The arctic garden Arctic garden dill Baby radish sproutsARCTICdeco_pea_and_radish_sprouts Kale Sunflowers Garden Greenhouse Retreat 2015

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