@ARCTICdeco Now On Instagram: #ArcticGarden

ArcticDeco.com: #ArcticGarden on Instagram

If you’re interested to see how our Iqaluit garden has come along this summer, you can now follow @ARCTICdeco on Instagram at #ArcticGarden as well as #ArcticDeco.

What is great about #ArcticGarden on Instagram is that there are a tone of other clever Arctic gardeners posting all about the interesting and delicious produce growing across the circumpolar world. Take look for yourself, and to my fellow northerners…start posting your #ArcticGarden pics!

Here are some of the views this month from my #ArcticGarden:

ArcticDeco.com: Sunflowers by the seaiceArcticDeco.com: Coriander
ArcticDeco.com: Arctic kale harvest ArcticDeco.com: Arctic lettuce harvest ArcticDeco.com: Arctic peas ArcticDeco.com: peas and seaice ArcticDeco.com: sunset in Iqaluit with icebergs ArcticDeco.com: Arctic radish blossoms ArcticDeco.com: Sunflower in my Arctic greenhouseArcticDeco.com: 2015 icebergsArcticDeco.com: blue pack ice

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