ARCTICdeco’s 2017 Top 8 Decor Trends

In the spirit of the new year and our predilection for yearly foreshadowing of things to come, I’ve compiled a list of circumpolar design trends I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2017.

1. Chunky Knit Blankets

Credit: Onbekend

These oh-so-cozy, chunky knit blankets are soft and bold and add a wonderful texture to your living room sofa or bed. They are perfect for cozying up on cold winter evenings with a cup of tea and a good book and I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of them this coming year around the home.

2. Mudcloth Fabrics

These black and white woven African fabrics are durable and stylish. They meld well with Nordic decor and are useful for pillows, table-coverings, and upholstery. Be sure to check for ‘Fair Trade’ stamps on the labels when you purchase your own this year.

3. Belly Baskets

As one of my favorite and most versatile accessories, belly baskets are flexible and collapsable and can be used to store toys, blankets, plants, and even your groceries. They look great in every room of the house and can be DIY’d with a paint-dipped look to give them a crisp, clean look and a protective coating for long-term wear.

4. Raw Ceramics

Unglazed and unrefined pottery add a natural, earthy element around the home like these stunning vases by Martin Azua. We won’t be able to get enough of them this year.

5. Cotton Lamps

Cotton lamps are a rising trend in Nordic decor, and are a growing favorite on ARCTICdeco. Consider incorporating them into your home designs this year as an elegant, airy lighting feature.

6. Green Velvet Upholstery

Credit: Elle

Green of all shades is going to be everywhere this year, but what I expect we’ll be seeing more of is green velvet upholstery. This durable yet luscious fabric is stunning and adds a bold pop of colour to furniture in any room. You could even try DIY’ing your own green velvet upholstery this year.

7. Sphere & Stem Light Fixtures

Credit: West Elm

This minimalist and timeless light design is popping up all over the place. They look stunning as wall pendants, floor lamps, or ceiling chandeliers. Keep an eye out for these puppies in the new year as I expect they’ll be around for a long time to come.

8. Brown Leather Accents

Credit: Bo Bedrezds

Natural brown leather is going to be seen all over the home this year as it’s incorporated into door and cabinet pulls, vases, shelves, bowls, and more. As a natural material, leather is practical, clean, durable and multi-functional with endless home decor applications. Now, although I would not go spending $85 on a leather-covered rock (what the…?),  a concrete and leather hanging planter would look pretty spectacular in our greenhouse.

Comment below to share your decor trend predictions for 2017!


  1. Christine Adams January 3, 2017

    hurrah for green velvet! always in my style book.

    • ARCTICdeco January 3, 2017

      I totally agree. I would gladly have all my furniture covered in it! 🙂

  2. Deej January 3, 2017

    These are all terrific, and TOTALLY Arctic Deco! Obviously the green velvet is my absolute fave, but those chunky knit blankets are utterly fabulous too and I could fill endless shelves with unglazed raw minimal pottery. How many have you implemented yet?? Can’t wait to see the photos when you do 🙂


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