A Little Surprise…

ARCTICDECO.COM: Arctic_winter_wedding_01

A few weeks ago, J and I surprised everyone by running off and getting married (more or less)! Granted, there wasn’t that much running considering we did it at a small ceremony at our home here in Iqaluit, by the sea-ice.

It was a elopement of sorts; we told no one, planned it at the last minute, and just barely managed to rangle a few of our closest friends and family together for the event. It was the most perfect kind of wedding for us and it couldn’t have been a better day!

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

ARCTICdeco.com: Sealift SeasonI’ve been a little behind on my ArcticDeco posts these last couple months, but with good reason. It’s the most busiest time of the year for home renovation planning and shopping and sea-lifting and hoarding. I feel like a squirrel in October trying to get all of my nuts together before the winter.

To start, there was sealift shopping in May. That’s when we Northerners flock south for a few days to buy up our year’s supply of goods. Here’s what our Costco order looked like, and that was only a tiny portion of all we had to pick up this year.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

ARCTICdeco.com: Climate Change ValentinesI’m not usually one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with any great enthusiasm, however, earlier this week I had a 3am burst of creativity and came up with a few comical climate change Valentines to share with friends and colleagues.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my mid-night sketches managed to be as amusing the next morning as they were in my sleep-arting daze. Even more pleasantly surprising has been the number of people who have appreciated the cheesy environmentalist humor, including Anubha Momin who blogged about them today on her fabulous website about living in the Arctic/Iqaluit called Finding True North.

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We bought the house!!

ARCTICdeco.com: Red House SOLD

I’m happy to announce… the house is bought and paid for! So EXCITING! Even though we’ve been working on the house for a few weeks, it has taken forever to officially close. It’s a good thing for you too because I’d have very little to write about had we not, and you’d have a far more arduous afternoon trying to fill that extra 4.5 minutes of your day. I’m so glad you’re as happy about this as me.

The worst is over (or so I hope) after copious papers being signed, then lost by the airlines, then redone and notarized, debts incurred, and the long, long, long waiting period for us to get to this day. Now the fun can begin!

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Happy July 3! It’s snowing!

View from the house on the morning of July 3, 2013. Ugh.We got a nice surprise this morning with a couple inches of white fluff covering everything. Here’s the view from the house looking onto Frobisher Bay. I guess the two hot days we got over Canada Day weekend WAS our summer. *sigh*