My Favorite Things: August 2015

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This month I’ve selected five of my favorite shiny, soft, and bold decor items that I’m lovin’. They’re also decor staples that I think every cozy home should have: a sturdy tea pot, whimsical accents, decorative spice shakers, a comfy reading chair, and stylish coasters.

You might even say they would be my first picks were I ever stranded on a deserted island…after water, food, my hot water bottle and wifi that is. After all, my designer island straw-hut will need appropriate accessories.

And here they are:

1) Hand-Blocked Chair: This beautifully hand-blocked upholstery DIY from Remodelista is incredible. It makes me want to hand-block everything in the house! Upholstered Chair

2) Gold Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shakers: These elegant little gems would looks great on any Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shakers

3) Marimekko Tea Pot:  As usual, Marimekko does it again with a simple, practical, and stylish tea pot. Marimekko Tea Pot

4) Geometric Coasters: These lovelies from Koromiko design store are deceptive with their hard angular form that look like laser-cut wood, yet are actually soft, felt creations that are the perfect accessory to your wine glass Geometric Coasters

5) Bunny Head Curtain Hold Back: You may be thinking “there seems to be an animal-head theme running through her decor picks lately”, and you’d be correct. Cute, decapitated, fluffy animal heads are my favorite! Bunny Curtain Holdback

What are you ‘favorite things’ this summer?

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