My Favorite Things: July 2015 My Favorite Things, - July 2015

This month I’m starting a new section of ARCTICdeco called My Favorite Things. I figure if I can’t have everything I covet, I may as well write about them and hope that one day they’ll be mine. You’re going to love this month’s line up too!

1) Quirky Painted Doors: I love some of the door decorating ideas I’ve been coming across this month like THESE door designs from Apartment Therapy. Painted door by OneKindsLane

2) Abstract Planters: I love these planters SO much. They’re fun, stylish, and totally unique! Check out these and other cool planters from CB2. Abstract planters from CB2

3) Brass Hex Knobs: Every time I see these, I kinda want to lick them. Is that weird? They’re so delicious looking! I love clean, simple, elegant design and these brass knobs tick all the right boxes. They’re also shiny and I’m like a Magpie when it comes to shiny things. So pretty. Brass Hex Pulls

4) Triangle Mirrors: Going back to my geometric-loving roots, I can’t help but covet these cute little wooden framed mirrors. They’re perfect for every room in the house. *sigh* Triangle Mirrors from urban Outfitters

5) Alpaca Fur Hot Water Bottle: Alpaca + Hot Water Bottle = PERFECTION. If I owned this I don’t think I’d ever let it go…seriously. I would bring it everywhere with me – work, bed, holidays, bathroom, everywhere! This puppy is a game changer. One day. You’ll be mine. Alpaca Fur Hot Water Bottle

6) Fox Door Knocker: Hilarious, quirky, stylish, and functional all in one. I love door knockers and I’m always puzzled as to why they haven’t taken off more in North America like they have in the UK and Ireland. I’ll bring them back though. You’ll see. Starting with this guy. Brass Fox Door Knocker

7) Brass Industrial Ceiling Light: School House Electric does it again with this stunner! If you’ve never visited their site, I highly recommend it. But be warned…it’s next to impossible to look at their products without falling madly in love with something on the site. It may also have something to do with everything being so shiny. Irresistible. Brass Chandelier

8) Water Closet Sign: I’ve been looking for a classic, antique WC sign for quite some time and was excited when I came across this one recently. Perfect for the loo! Water Closet Sign


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