Tap into your NEST-ing instincts

ARCTICdeco.com: Tap into your NEST-ing  instincts; Everything you need to know about NEST thermostatsWhen we bought the house this year one of the things we were most excited to do during our renovations was to find ways to make the home more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. In addition to improving light sources, we also wanted to ensure we got to the source of our energy usage – namely heating.

Our house originally had the classic, old-school mercury thermostats, so one of the first things we did upon moving in was install programable thermostats.

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Arctic Gardening – How does your arctic garden grow?

photo credit: thefreshexchangeblog.com

For those who think we live in ice and snow all year round up here, well your almost right. The snow isn’t usually gone until the end of June and comes back again in September. Nonetheless, we do get an awesome, although shorter, growing season – in large part due to the near 24 hr daylight during the summer.

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Dining Room

ARCTICdeco.com: Dining Room PhotosIt’s a lovely, bright, sunny, warm (-25 with no wind!) day today, and I’m stuck inside with a head cold. *sigh. On the plus side, the greenhouse is warming up with the longer days and it was nearly +28 in there yesterday. So I figured I’d take advantage of the brightness in the house and post some nicer pics of the dining room.

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Brown Bagging Bulbs

ARCTICdeco.com: Brown Bagging BulbsNow that it’s February, and I’ve finally put away the Christmas decorations, and the last buds of my paperwhites have fallen, it’s time to prepare the bulbs for next winter.

Since this is my first year planting bulbs, I’m still learning some of the tricks of the trade. As you’ll recall from my post earlier this winter on growing bulbs indoors, I’ve got a large selection of amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs that are ready for their dormancy preparations.

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A Solution for Storing Christmas Decorations

ARCTICdeco.com: How to store christmas decorSo, it’s mid-February, and I’m a little behind on packing up the Christmas decorations. Errrr, okay, maybe more than a little. But in my defence, Christmas is awesome. Yup, that’s all I got.

I did manage to get the tree stripped and stockings dismounted by mid-Jan, but then they just sat there. And sat. And mocked me. And sat a little longer.

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Powder Room Afters

ACRTICdeco.com: Powder Room Afters
I’ve just realized that I’ve left you all in limbo on some of the first projects we did in the house and never got around to posting the afters of the powder room renovation – or kitchen for that matter.

The kitchen is only a few more weeks away from being finished, so I’m going to prolong the suspense further. Yes I’ve been too lazy to finish painting that one last cupboard door, but can you blame me? I only just got back the use of both my arms.

As for the powder room, there are also a few details I’ve yet to complete, but am in no rush to do them, so I’ll share with you what we’ve improved so far…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

ARCTICdeco.com: Climate Change ValentinesI’m not usually one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with any great enthusiasm, however, earlier this week I had a 3am burst of creativity and came up with a few comical climate change Valentines to share with friends and colleagues.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my mid-night sketches managed to be as amusing the next morning as they were in my sleep-arting daze. Even more pleasantly surprising has been the number of people who have appreciated the cheesy environmentalist humor, including Anubha Momin who blogged about them today on her fabulous website about living in the Arctic/Iqaluit called Finding True North.

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