Wall Decals

ARCTICdeco.com: Triangle Wall Decals
Photo Credit: michellechristina Etsy Shop

It’s been awhile since I last posted – but I’m happy to report there’s been LOTS of progress on the house. I’ll be updating more over the coming weeks with more pictures of our progress.

One of the challenges with renovating is that you rarely complete a room entirely before starting another project or room, and right now we have quite a few ‘nearly finished’ or ‘just started’ rooms. I’ve been wanting to wait until they are just right, but am starting to realize that may never happen, so I’ll share with you some of the in progress pics for the time being.

Today I’m sharing with you the feature wall I’ve created in my office/library/music room/studio. I wanted to create a monochrome, geometric look with minimal work/cost, and ended up settling on these wall decals from Urban Walls on Etsy.

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Powder Room Afters

ACRTICdeco.com: Powder Room Afters
I’ve just realized that I’ve left you all in limbo on some of the first projects we did in the house and never got around to posting the afters of the powder room renovation – or kitchen for that matter.

The kitchen is only a few more weeks away from being finished, so I’m going to prolong the suspense further. Yes I’ve been too lazy to finish painting that one last cupboard door, but can you blame me? I only just got back the use of both my arms.

As for the powder room, there are also a few details I’ve yet to complete, but am in no rush to do them, so I’ll share with you what we’ve improved so far…

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