A Steamy Affair

ARCTICdeco.com: A Steamy AffairI wanted to quickly share with ya’ll one of my favorite little household contraptions. It’s one of those things that makes my life infinitely easier as it prevents me from having to do a chore I least enjoy – by making it slightly more enjoyable. It’s My Little Steamer® Go Mini Hand Steamer!

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Kitchen & Living Room In Progress

ARCTICdeco.com: Kitchen. Living Room.DuringAfter having been away for work over the last couple weeks, J has been diligently working on the kitchen and living room renovation to get the walls up and plastered. If you remember the living room earlier there was a half wood-panelled wainscotting wall that I really wanted to get rid of.

After pulling off several of the panels, however, we realized that they weren’t just nailed into place, but also reinforced with industrial glue – so that when pulled off the wall they took half of the drywall with it. Once it was started it was too late to stop (though we’ll be thinking twice before tackling the hallways). We removed it all and then stared at the mess of a wall that was left over. We then had a choice of either trying to plaster over it and take a LOT of time trying to make the wall look smooth again, or tear it out and re-drywall. After having some contractors come and take a look, they strongly recommended we re-drywall, and so it began.

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