Powder Room Afters

ACRTICdeco.com: Powder Room Afters
I’ve just realized that I’ve left you all in limbo on some of the first projects we did in the house and never got around to posting the afters of the powder room renovation – or kitchen for that matter.

The kitchen is only a few more weeks away from being finished, so I’m going to prolong the suspense further. Yes I’ve been too lazy to finish painting that one last cupboard door, but can you blame me? I only just got back the use of both my arms.

As for the powder room, there are also a few details I’ve yet to complete, but am in no rush to do them, so I’ll share with you what we’ve improved so far…

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Bathroom Afters…finally!!

ARCTICdeco.com: Bathroom AftersSo I realize it’s been a while since I last posted. It seems that tennis elbow isn’t as innocuous an injury as I first thought. It’s actually been extremely, profoundly, annoyingly, and inexplicably painful as well as inconvenient. Unfortunately having a daytime desk job hasn’t increased my recovery rate, if anything it’s been quite the opposite. Although I am now (as a result) an accomplished ambidexter, I’m still fairly incapable of writing a full email without requiring an ice-pack and several pain killers. Hence my delay in posting.

Nonetheless, after taking over 2 months off reno-detail, and with J having amazingly taken over as lead renovator (as well as bag-carrier, dinner-maker, floor-cleaner, and teeth-brusher) in the house, I’m gaining strength and mobility and may even be able to paint the kitchen walls this weekend. Ya, you heard me, those puppies are ready for paint! Now, I’m not about to give it all away today, but wait until you see the drywalling that’s been going on here!). I’ll be following up with the final reno pics of the kitchen in the coming weeks, but for now, you need to get caught up on all the other action, namely the upstairs bath.

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Powder Room ‘During’

ARCTICdeco.com: Powder Room During Reno So I mentioned in a previous post that I may have gone a little crazy on the powder room renovation over the weekend. Basically I wanted to get rid of all the very, very old hardware and cabinets, and rather than waiting to get the proper tools from the garage, I pretty well ripped everything out that wasn’t welded in place, aside from toilet and sink. It felt good, but I then realized how much more work I may have made for myself in the process.

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Powder Room Ponderings

ARCTICdeco.com: Powder Room PonderingsAs we’re painting and caulking and sanding the greenhouse – which by the way is *nearly* there…though it seems the final details take FOREVER, but it’s gunna be great when it’s done – my thoughts keep moving to the powder room downstairs. Largely because it’s got a horrible floor right now and it’s such a tiny room, I feel like there’s so many fun things I could do with the space sooner than later.

After several days of pondering, Pinterst-ing, and blog-hopping, I think I’ve found a combination of elements that will work really well, and hopefully won’t put us over budget. It’s going to be a while before any of this actually happens though, considering we live nowhere near an IKEA, Home Depot, or major appliance stores, and so far the only thing I’ve purchased for the room is this super cute chandelier/pendant….

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