Wall Decals

ARCTICdeco.com: Triangle Wall Decals
Photo Credit: michellechristina Etsy Shop

It’s been awhile since I last posted – but I’m happy to report there’s been LOTS of progress on the house. I’ll be updating more over the coming weeks with more pictures of our progress.

One of the challenges with renovating is that you rarely complete a room entirely before starting another project or room, and right now we have quite a few ‘nearly finished’ or ‘just started’ rooms. I’ve been wanting to wait until they are just right, but am starting to realize that may never happen, so I’ll share with you some of the in progress pics for the time being.

Today I’m sharing with you the feature wall I’ve created in my office/library/music room/studio. I wanted to create a monochrome, geometric look with minimal work/cost, and ended up settling on these wall decals from Urban Walls on Etsy.

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My kitchen gave me tennis elbow: How to refinish kitchen cabinets

ARCTICdeco.com: My Kitchen Gave Me Tennis Elbow!It has been quite a week. My last week of ‘vacation’ and I’ve been going 9+ hrs solid each day on the bloody kitchen, but we’re seeing some progress finally.

Let me start by saying, if you are ever contemplating whether to buy new kitchen cabinets or refinish your old ones, think very hard on it before you commit. Because after this week, I’m wishing we just spent the rest of our savings and bought a whole new kitchen. As much as I researched the process for painting kitchen cabinets, I couldn’t have imagined how laborious, tedious, boring, and strenuous the whole process would be.

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Bathroom ‘During’ Renos

ARCTICdeco.com: Bathroom During RenosIt’s been a very busy week. We’ve managed to nearly finish the powder room downstairs, but have yet to install the final light fixture – hence I’m holding out on posting any of the after shots. Nonetheless, we’ve made great headway on the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom renovations – which are also missing a few last fixtures before the final shots are posted. I’ll follow up with a post on the kitchen progress soon.

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Powder Room Ponderings

ARCTICdeco.com: Powder Room PonderingsAs we’re painting and caulking and sanding the greenhouse – which by the way is *nearly* there…though it seems the final details take FOREVER, but it’s gunna be great when it’s done – my thoughts keep moving to the powder room downstairs. Largely because it’s got a horrible floor right now and it’s such a tiny room, I feel like there’s so many fun things I could do with the space sooner than later.

After several days of pondering, Pinterst-ing, and blog-hopping, I think I’ve found a combination of elements that will work really well, and hopefully won’t put us over budget. It’s going to be a while before any of this actually happens though, considering we live nowhere near an IKEA, Home Depot, or major appliance stores, and so far the only thing I’ve purchased for the room is this super cute chandelier/pendant….

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Greenhouse Colour Scheme

ARCTICdeco.com: Greenhouse Colour Scheme
So we’re a few days away from officially owning this place and I’m eager to start some projects right away, before our sealift arrives. Unfortunately for us, we still have another 3 weeks before all of our furniture, paint, and supplies arrive on the boat, so I’ve decided to start tackling the greenhouse, since its the only room I hadn’t given much thought to, until now.

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