A Little Surprise…

ARCTICDECO.COM: Arctic_winter_wedding_01

A few weeks ago, J and I surprised everyone by running off and getting married (more or less)! Granted, there wasn’t that much running considering we did it at a small ceremony at our home here in Iqaluit, by the sea-ice.

It was a elopement of sorts; we told no one, planned it at the last minute, and just barely managed to rangle a few of our closest friends and family together for the event. It was the most perfect kind of wedding for us and it couldn’t have been a better day!

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Spring in the ‘Vut

ARCTICdeco.com: Spring in NunavutIt’s spring in Nunavut! For most of you ‘southerners’ south of 60, it has already been spring for many weeks now (if not months) but up in the ‘Vut it’s only really started to feel like spring in the last few weeks – ‘spring’ being T-shirt weather. Mind you – in late April when the sun started coming back and we were getting -15ºC  temperatures, I may have celebrated the good weather by hanging out on my deck in a tank top. Nevertheless.

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