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ARCTICdeco.com: What's Your Decor Style

As I’m plotting our home renos, I find that I’m regularly referring back to key images and ideas that shape my style for the house (like those shown below). Primarily because I love so many aspects of so many styles that I often find it hard to stick to just one. Thankfully, in this day and age, we don’t have to. But I do feel the need to pin it down to a combination of 2-3 key style motifs, if not just to keep things tidy, and not over-complicate the look.

retro bold
Photo Credit: arielgordonjewelry.blogspot.ca
grey tone
Photo Credit: zincdoor.com
antique whitebold industrial
Photo Credit: Sharyn Cairns
wood and black
Via: decoholic.org
white wash
Via: greigedesign.blogspot.com

If I were to try to define it, I’d say I subscribe to the industrial-bohemian-Scandinavian-chic category; although I’ve yet to see anyone fully conceptualize it to my preference. Ultimately it’s a modern, clean cut, messy-minimalist, white-washed and bold coloured, metal-framed, fur-coated, kinda style. I can only hope one day our home will fully embody this decor-philosophy to the full extent that I (I mean ‘we’…right J?) envision it.

So what’s your decor style? How do you pin down your look? Have you ever managed to really achieve your style in your decor, or is it always evolving?

Decor Style
Photo Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

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  1. Deej July 13, 2013

    Industrial-bohemian-Scandinavian-chic is SO you! I like how the mostly bohemian-chic that I’ve seen you implement to great effect before has evolved to add the industrial and Scandinavian elements, and never ventured off into the shabby. Your place is gonna be spec-TAC-ular! And oh so fitting to the Arctic landscape. Now, if only a you could find a contractor worth of your vision! Oh, and my style since you asked? Asian-Renaissance-Rock’nRoll 😉


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