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Recently I’ve noticed an increased use of cotton lamps in Scandinavian home decor. I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about them being used in small rooms to be honest, but aesthetically I find them to be so very lovely.

Cotton ceiling lamps (originally from the Ay Illuminate Z series) are typically made out of a bamboo frame and draped with a cotton muslin. They have a solid, rustic feel to them, while still seeming elegant and soft – a perfect balance of yin and yang; masculine and feminine – to balance out any room and mix with many decor styles.

For practicality’s sake, the oversized construction of these lamps in any room with less than 10′-15′ ceilings makes them feel rather overbearing in my opinion. As a focal point, they certainly draw your attention, but I don’t think a ceiling light should ever take up prime realestate in a room (nor increase my potential to bump into and spill my wine or prevent me from jumping on the bed – which really are the most important design considerations after all).

When used in the right setting – like a crisp minimalist room with 20′ ceilings – there is a lot that these lamps can do to elevate a room that few other chandelier, pendants, or mobiles can achieve. Nevertheless, as etherial, sculptural centrepieces in any space, its hard not to swoon a little over the simple beauty of their design.

Credit: Minimalblogs

Credit: Trendenser

Credit: Planete Deco

Credit: Pamela Makin

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  1. Christine Adams December 27, 2016

    Not sure about the black one, but love the minimalist and functionalist (if that’s a word) idea behind them. These were lovely interiors.


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